To be an Aunt

To be an Aunt

Here is a ‘card’ my six-year old niece presented me the minute I arrived at her house last weekend.  How lucky am I?  I love being an Aunt!

And my niece writes…

I love you so much

I really love you

I love my Ant.

In the picture my niece drew of ‘us’ we are wearing matching blue dresses with our long blond hair, big smiles and featuring butterflies, clouds and the sun in the sky.  So very sweet!  How loved am I?  I love being an Aunt.

“How do you wake Lady Gaga up from a nap?  Punch her face!  I mean…Poker Face!”  As told last weekend by the same niece, who recently started 1st grade and can all ready read but slightly mixed up the ‘punchline’ upon delivery to her dad.  And, it’s quite possibly even funnier with the new punchline, we all laughed and laughed.

When this niece was almost four years old, she heard from her mother that she was ‘there’ at our wedding but was in her mother’s tummy.  When this niece saw her mother pregnant in our wedding video, this niece asked out loud in front of my three older nieces, “Mommy, why did you eat me?”  Everyone burst out in a roar of laughter.

I love being an Aunt, it makes me smile and laugh.  And, I feel loved.

Thank you my Sweet Niece.  I love you too.

(Click on picture to see larger.)

Here’s the Lady Gaga herself with “Poker Face” a song I do like!

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