My Sweet Year

My Sweet Year

I met a gentleman who I knew for the last year of his life, to the day!  Mr. Sweet.  Before we met, I observed him at a dinner party.  This man was having more fun than anyone, laughing and always smiling.  I told my husband don’t let that man leave until I meet him.

When we met, he was one of the kindest, most loving of people on the planet.  After we became friends, I felt like I was part of an ‘entourage’ as everywhere we went, he either knew people, or he could connect with them in such a way that everyone was ‘moved’ in some way just by their crossing paths with Mr. Sweet.

During my year of knowing Mr. Sweet, I was fortunate to interview him for another project I was working on.  He was now retired but previously worked undercover for the CIA and had many good stories to share.  I also learned he worked as a model and actor, many times ironically portraying someone undercover.  Mr. Sweet was quite handsome, especially in his younger years, I doubt ever having trouble with the ladies.  See for yourself.

Mr. Sweet also loved lasagne.  Since he was a bachelor (who did not cook) living alone with no family (except his friends) we invited him over a few times to our home for our dinner, requesting my lasagne again and again.  Mr. Sweet was always so grateful to have a home cooked meal and some company, along with a “to go” doggie bag with lasagne for the next day.  (See Recipe section for Aunt Jenni’s Veggie Lasagne, Mr. Sweet’s favorite!)

Mr. Sweet helped me work on reducing my negative self talk, and helped me learn how to ‘turn it around’ as he would say.

Mr. Sweet also helped me understand that WE are ALL connected to the Divine Universe of Love.  Now and forever.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sweet was dealing with a cancerous brain tumor so I knew everyday was precious and important.  When he passed, I had a lot of great video footage of him so I created a memorial video titled “Sweet Sweet Memories” which includes his favorite song “M.T.A.” by The Kingston Trio.  This video was played at Mr. Sweet’s memorial service.

The “Sweet Sweet Memories” video is a little long, but it’s wonderful to see him smiling and enjoying life as he always did.  Hopefully you also can see and feel the ‘Sweet vibe’ and then you will understand why it was such a Sweet Year.

We LOVE and miss you Mr. Sweet!!

Sweet Sweet Memories from Dear Aunt Jenni on Vimeo.

Here’s Mr. Sweet’s favorite song “M.T.A.” by The Kingston Trio.  Mr. Sweet went to college with Nick Reynolds of The Kingston Trio was saddened when he heard of Nick’s passing earlier that year.  However, Mr. Sweet was ecstatic when we gave him The Kingston Trio’s Greatest Hits for Christmas.  This song is a classic, just listen to the words!  Poor ol’ Charlie!

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