Aunt Jenni’s Quinoa Salad (keen-wa)

Aunt Jenni’s Quinoa – 3 types below

Quinoa is a perfect food in which you digest both protein and carbohydrates in the form of fiber to ensure healthy energy and health to your body.  People of all ages should incorporate a healthy diet of Quinoa into their diet as it is an easy source of fiber and protein.

Must soak and wash off several times prior to cooking in fresh water.

Vegetable Garlic, Lemon & Broccoli (raw/gf)

Quinoa – Lemon, Garlic, Broccoli

Cook Quinoa – Rinse several times before cooking

Onion – Chop and cook with

Garlic – 4-5 cloves

Lemon – 4 – fresh squeezed juice


Broccoli – 1 head, chopped

Chopped Almonds – just before serving

Or….recipe #2


Cook with Onion and Veggie Boiullion or Organic Chicken Stock

Broccoli Head – chopped into small and mix into hot cook quinoa at end, cover at least five minutes before eating.  Eat warm now and again before dinner again too, makes alot!

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